Honorary Advisory Panel (HAP)

The ICCR Honorary Advisory Panel (HAP) was formed for the purposes of seeking strategic advice as well as retaining corporate knowledge within the organisation, with a view to meeting on an ad hoc basis to provide guidance to the ICCR.

The members of HAP include past Presidents, Vice-presidents, Executive Officers and other key individuals. HAP members are positioned as ICCR advisors to the Board of Directors when required.

The HAP may provide:

  • recommendations regarding the sustainability of the ICCR
  • advice on strategies in relation to ICCR workstreams
  • recommendations in relation to ICCR promotional activities
  • advice on other matters as requested by the Board from time to time

The current membership includes:

  • James Kench – HAP Chair & current ICCR President
  • David Ellis – past ICCR President & past ICCR Chair of Dataset Steering Committee
  • John Srigley – current ICCR Executive Officer, past ICCR President & past ICCR Chair of Dataset Steering Committee
  • Tim Helliwell – past ICCR Vice-President, past ICCR Executive Officer & past ICCR Chair of Dataset Steering Committee
  • Debra Graves – past ICCR Company Secretary & past RCPA Chief Executive Officer
  • Meagan Judge – past ICCR General Manager
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