Dataset Steering Committee (DSC)

The Dataset Steering Committee Process for the development of ICCR datasets

The ICCR DSC has responsibility for all activities relating to the development of ICCR cancer datasets. Membership is as follows:

Members of the Council
  • Sigurd Lax – Chair, DSC
  • James Kench – ICCR President & Director
  • Kieran Sheahan – ICCR Director
  • Annie Nga-Yin Cheung – ICCR Director
  • John R Srigley – ICCR Past-President, ICCR Executive Officer
  • Tim Helliwell – ICCR Executive Officer
  • George Birdsong – ICCR Chair, Structured Reporting Implementation Committee
  • Thomas Wheeler
  • Peter Schirmacher
  • Marta Cohen
  • Gerald Hoefler
  • Vanessa Kääb-Sanyal
  • Vyacheslav Grinevich
Sustaining member representatives
  • Joseph D Khoury, College of American Pathologists (CAP)
  • Michael Eden, Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath)
  • Sebastian Brandner, Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath)
  • Iris Nagtegaal, European Society of Pathology (ESP)
  • Alexandra (Ali) Brown, American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
  • Niall Swan, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Faculty of Pathology (RCPI, FoP)
  • Ann Treacy, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Faculty of Pathology (RCPI, FoP)
  • Priyanthi Kumarasinghe, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA)
  • Blake Gilks, Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP) in association with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC)
  • Luciana Schultz, Brazilian Society of Pathology (SBP)
  • AU YEUNG Kwok Him Rex, Hong Kong College of Pathologists (HKCPath)
  • Sigurd Lax, Austrian Society of Pathology and Austrian Division of the International Academy of Pathology (ÖGPath/IAP Austria)
  • Reiko Watanabe, Japanese Society of Pathology (JSP)
  • Gabriella Nesi, Italian Society of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology (SIAPEC)
  • Jean-François Fléjou,  French Society of Pathology (SFP)
  • Natalia Kokosadze, Russian Society of Oncopathology (RSOP)
  • Arndt Hartmann, German Society of Pathology (DGP)
  • Lianghong Teng, Chinese Society of Pathology (CSP)
  • Maysa Al-Hussaini, IAP – Arab Division
  • Ekkehard Hewer, Swiss Society of Pathology (SGPath)
  • Frederick Klauschen, Professional Association of German Pathologists (BDP)
Strategic partner organisation representatives
  • Ian Cree, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)
  • Ariana Znaor, International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR)
  • Marion Pineros, International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR)
  • Thomas Gevaert, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)
Series Champions
  • John R Srigley – Genitourinary Dataset series
  • Lester Thompson – Head and Neck Dataset series
  • Anthony Gill – Endocrine Dataset series
  • Puay Hoon Tan – Breast Dataset series
  • Kay Washington – Hepatobiliary Dataset series
  • Iris Nagtegaal – Gastrointestinal Tube Dataset series
  • Chris Fletcher – Bone and Soft Tissue Dataset series
  • Wendy Cooper – Thoracic Dataset series
  • W Glenn McCluggage – Gynaecology Dataset series
  • Miguel Reyes-Mugica – Paediatric Dataset series
Project management support
  • Meagan Judge, ICCR
  • Fleur Webster, ICCR
  • Gina Green, ICCR
  • Rajuel Nandakumar, ICCR
  • Georgia Spanner, ICCR
  • Tina Selinger, RCPA
Ex-officio members
  • Samantha Spencer, CAP
  • W Scott Campbell, UNMC
  • James Campbell, UNMC
  • Keren Hulkower, CAP

The Terms of Reference for the ICCR Dataset Steering Committee are available for review.

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