Endometrial Cancers


The dataset has been developed for the pathology reporting of resection specimens of endometrial cancers, including carcinosarcomas. It is not applicable for small endometrial biopsy specimens. Haematopoietic neoplasms, mesenchymal neoplasms, adenosarcomas, malignant melanomas, other non-epithelial malignancies and metastatic tumours are excluded from this dataset. Adenosarcoma and other mesenchymal neoplasms are included in the ICCR dataset for uterine malignant and potentially malignant mesenchymal tumours.

Publication History

This dataset was developed with the kind support of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists (ISGyP).

Minor update to the 4th edition – Version 4.1 August 2021

4th edition – August 2021. The 4th edition of the ICCR Endometrial cancer dataset includes changes to align the dataset with the World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of Tumours, Female Genital Tumours, 5th edition, 2020. The ICCR dataset includes 5th edition Corrigenda, June 2021.

  • To reference this dataset please use the following citation: Matias-Guiu X, Anderson L, Buza N, Ellenson LH, Fadare O, Ganesan R, Ip PPC, Palacios J, Parra-Herran C, Raspollini MR, Soslow RA, Werner HMJ, Lax SF, McCluggage WG (2021). Endometrial Cancer Histopathology Reporting Guide, 4th edition. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting; Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-922324-26-9.

3rd edition – July 2017. Updated following the publication of the 8th edition of TNM staging. Other minor updates were also included.

  • To reference this dataset please use the following citation: McCluggage WG, Colgan TJ, Duggan MA, Hacker NF, Mulvany N, Otis CN, Wilkinson N, Zaino RJ, Hirschowitz L (2017). Endometrial Cancer Histopathology Reporting Guide 3rd edition. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting; Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-925687-02-6.

2nd edition – May 2015. Updated following the publication of the WHO Classification of Endometrial Cancers 2015.  Other minor updates were also included.

1st edition – November 2013.  Developed as part of the initial pilot project in 2011-2012.

  • Read more on the Endometrial cancer dataset (1st edition) from the journal article written by the dataset authors: Data set for reporting of endometrial carcinomas: recommendations from the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) between United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australasia. McCluggage WG, Colgan T, Duggan M, Hacker NF, Mulvany N, Otis C, Wilkinson N, Zaino RJ and Hirschowitz L. Int J Gynecol Pathol. 2013 Jan;32(1):45-65. doi: 10.1097/PGP.0b013e31825d808b.

Expert Committee

The 4th edition of the dataset for Endometrial cancer was developed by the following international team:

  • Chair – Xavier Matias-Guiu, Spain
  • ICCR Series Champion – W Glenn McCluggage, UK
  • ICCR representative – Sigurd Lax, Austria

Domain experts:

  • Lyndal Anderson, Australia
  • Natalia Buza, USA
  • Oluwole Fadare, USA
  • Raji Ganesan, UK
  • Lora Ellenson, USA
  • Philip Ip, Hong Kong SAR China
  • Jose Palacios, Spain
  • Carlos Parra-Herran, Canada
  • Maria Rosaria Raspollini, Italy
  • Robert Soslow, USA
  • Erica Werner, The Netherlands

Authors of previous editions of this dataset are available here

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