The dataset has been developed for the reporting of specimens from patients with carcinoma of the penis, including resection, biopsy and lymphadenectomy. The protocol applies to primary carcinoma of the penis, as well as distal urethral squamous carcinomas.

Melanomas and other urethral carcinomas are not included in the scope of the dataset – separate datasets are available and should be used for these carcinomas.
ICCR Carcinoma of the Penis Bookmarked guide - 1157 KB
ICCR Carcinoma of the Penis Hyperlinked guide - 559 KB
ICCR Carcinoma of the Penis Dataset in Word - 68 KB
ICCR Carcinoma of the Penis Dataset in Excel - 33 KB

Publication History

1st edition - August 2017
  • To reference this dataset please use the following citation: Corbishley C, Chaux A, Colecchia M, Cubilla AL, Shanks J, Velazquez EF, Watkin N, Srigley JR (2017). Carcinoma of the Penis and Distal Urethra Histopathology Reporting Guide 1st edition. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting; Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-925687-05-7.

Expert Committee

The 1st edition of the dataset for Carcinoma of the penis and distral urethra was developed by the following international team:
  • Chair - Cathy Corbishley, UK
  • Series Champion and ICCR representative - John R Srigley, Canada
 Domain experts:
  • Alcides Chaux, Paraguay
  • Maurizio Colecchia, Italy
  • Antonio Cubilla, Paraguay
  • Jonathan Shanks, UK
  • Elsa Velazquez, USA
  • Nick Watkin, UK