Dataset Authors

Tumours of the Lung – Small Diagnostic and Cytopathological Specimens Dataset Authors

  • Andrew Field, Co-chair, Australia
  • Andrew Nicholson, Co-chair, UK
  • Wendy Cooper, ICCR Series Champion, Australia
  • George Birdsong, USA
  • Sigurd Lax, Austria
  • Lukas Bubendorf, Switzerland
  • Kelly Butnor, USA
  • Fiorella Calabrese, Italy
  • Teh-Ying Chou, Taiwan
  • Marianne Engels, Germany
  • David Hwang, Canada
  • Izidor Kern, Slovenia
  • Claire Michael, USA
  • Martha Pitman, USA
  • Sanjay Popat, UK
  • Yukitoshi Satoh, Japan
  • Fernando Schmitt, Portugal
  • Lynette Sholl, USA
  • Yasushi Yatabe, Japan

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