Publication schedule

The majority of ICCR Datasets scheduled to be developed will be in response to updates of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Classification of Tumours or applicable staging system.  However, additional datasets are scheduled where there are specific needs to be addressed and resources available.



A dataset for the reporting of intrahepatic, and perihilar cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma is expected to be published in early 2017. It will incorporate the 8th edition of TNM staging.


The ICCR is developing of a suite of 12 datasets covering the major cancers and specimen types from the genitourinary tract:
  • Nephrectomy
  • Renal Biopsy
  • Prostate Core Needle Biopsy
  • Prostate TURP
  • Prostate Radical Prostatectomy (UPDATE)
  • Biopsy and Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumour (TURBT)
  • Cystectomy
  • Urethrectomy
  • Ureterectomy and Nephroureterectomy
  • Orchidectomy
  • Retroperitoneal Lymphadenectomy (RPLND) (Testicular Cancer)
  • Penile Resections
 Publication is expected in early 2017 and will incorportate the 8th edition of TNM staging.


A dataset for Central Nervous System tumours has commenced.  Open consultation is expected in mid 2017 and publication late 2017.

Head and Neck

With the WHO Classification of Tumours ‘Blue book’ revisions for Head & Neck neoplasms planned for release in early 2017, the ICCR is developing 9 datasets in this series:
  • Nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses
  • Major salivary gland
  • Oral cavity
  • Nasopharynx and oropharynx
  • Larynx, hypopharynx and trachea
  • Odontogenic tumours
  • Ear
  • Nodal excisions and neck dissection
  • Mucosal melanoma
Open consultation is expected in early 2017. These datasets will incorporate the 8th edition of TNM staging.


The WHO Classification of Tumours ‘Blue book’ revisions for Endocrine neoplasms is planned for 2017.

The ICCR has therefore commenced planning for a series of datasets in this area. Discussion has commenced regarding the types of datasets needed, candidates for the Dataset Authoring Committees (DACs) and suitable DAC chairs. 

TNM8 updates

With the release of the 8th edition of TNM staging, several published ICCR datasets require update - Lung, Melanoma, Endometrial, Thymic and Mesothelioma all require TNM8 updates and these will be undertaken in 2017.