Datasets available for comment

Your feedback is invited on the following draft ICCR Thoracic tumours datasets:
To provide your feedback on the draft datasets, please email any comments directly to [email protected] by Friday 14th January 2022

Please include your name and country together with your comments. In regard to your comments and suggested changes, please be as specific as possible, including any relevant background information and supporting evidence, including which section/element of the dataset that your comments pertain to. All feedback will be reviewed by the relevant expert committee and any updates made. All responses to feedback and the finalised datasets will be posted to the ICCR website at
To view the authors of the Thoracic tumours datasets, please click here
If you have any questions please contact the ICCR Project Manager, Meagan Judge at [email protected]

Check the development schedule at 'Upcoming Datasets' for an indication of the next ICCR datasets to be ready for public comment.