Presentations to the European Congress of Pathology, Dublin, 9-13 September 2023
September 2023

Professor López-Terrada, Professor Jarzembowski, Professor Alaggio, Professor Kelsey and Dr Perlman presented on the new ICCR Paediatric datasets currently in development at the European Congress of Pathology (ECP). The joint ICCR symposium was chaired by Professors Reyes-Múgica and Cohen. Professor Reyes-Múgica is the Series Champion for the ICCR suite of Paediatric datasets, while Professor Cohen is the ICCR representative.

Professor Ellis, Professor Cserni, Professor Rakha and Dr Provenzano presented on the four published ICCR Breast datasets at ECP. The joint ICCR symposium was chaired by Professor Pinder (expert panel member) and Dr Murray.

Professor Berney also presented on the ICCR Testis datasets currently under review. While, Professor Ihrler presented on the updated ICCR Head & Neck datasets in progress.

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