We’re excited to share with you the 2022 ICCR Annual Report!
January 2023

The International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) has released the 2022 ICCR Annual Report. This report highlights the advancements made towards standards development and the development of datasets, as well as our continued focus on language translation, education, implementation, and sustainability. The ICCR now has 57 published datasets to date including datasets for the top ten solid tumours worldwide. Six ICCR datasets have also been updated in the last 12 months to reflect the latest WHO Classification of Tumours and a further 23 updates are in progress. More than 50 articles related to the ICCR datasets or work of the ICCR in peer-reviewed journals have been published.

To see the latest reports please visit our publications page and our published datasets page.

2022 also brought many organisational changes including the restructure of the organisation in November 2022. As ICCR’s membership has increased over the last several years, so has the size of its Board. Legislative and regulatory changes to companies incorporated in Australia have also changed in 2022 adding an additional layer of bureaucracy for our Directors. Therefore, given these two factors, the ICCR Executive proposed adopting a similar organisational structure to many of its members – that of a having a Board with a small number of Directors, supported by a governing council to which all members would belong. Constitutional changes to reflect this change were proposed and adopted at the Board meeting in October 2022. This change was ratified at the Annual General Meeting in November 2022. The new organisational structure came into effect immediately.

The Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, and includes two Australian Directors as per constitutional requirements, and they provide strategic oversight of all ICCR operations. The Council is comprised of the Board of Directors and all Platinum and Gold members. The Council’s role is to provide support to the Board of Directors as well as providing oversight, review and monitoring of all ICCR operations and ICCR committees. The Board of Directors, Council, and Project Management team work together to advance the strategic role of the ICCR in international pathology and cancer organisations.

Read the 2022 ICCR Annual Report here.

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