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Together we can raise the standard of cancer reporting and improve outcomes for cancer patients worldwide.

Pathology reports are needed to guide treatment of individual patients. Structured reporting checklists improve the completeness of cancer reporting by ensuring that all key elements are included in the report, specifically those which have clinical management, staging or prognostic implications.

Patients benefit by having the most effective and timely treatment based on accurate and complete information in their pathology report. Aside from the personal benefits of correct treatment, there are also cost implications for both the patient and public health systems. Standardised cancer datasets are also a prerequisite for national and international benchmarking in cancer monitoring and management.

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About Membership

Membership grants you the following benefits:

  • An opportunity to contribute to the altruistic development of cancer datasets for use throughout the world to improve cancer reporting, monitoring and  research
  • The ability to lobby/influence which cancer datasets are developed in your area of interest
  • Membership ensures you up to date information on relevant datasets and standards
  • To stay abreast of, and be involved in, implementation opportunities as they arise 

Membership fees are used to cover the costs of publishing of the cancer datasets, maintaining the ICCR website, financing meetings, developing brochures to gain sponsors and producing publication materials eg articles, posters.    

None of the directors on the executive board are paid for the work they do, nor are the wonderful volunteers on our Dataset Authoring Committees.

All fees are devoted to our purpose - the development and publication of cancer datasets for use around the world.

Types of membership

The ICCR offers the following types of membership:

  • Sustaining membership
    USD $10,000 per annum
  • Corporate membership*
    USD $1,000 per annum
    *Note: Discounts may be available for members from low and lower middle income countries.
  • Individual membership*
    USD $200 per annum
    *Note: Discounts may be available for members from low and lower middle income countries.
  • Expert committee members
    Automatic membership while serving on an ICCR Dataset Authoring Commitee
  • Registrars/trainees

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