November 2021
editorial-page-1.JPGIn 2021, the ICCR is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From an initial informal collaboration in 2011 among the Australasian (RCPA), US (CAP) and UK (RCPath) Colleges of Pathology and the Canadian Association of Pathologists–Association Canadienne des Pathologists (CAP-ACP), in association with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC), the ICCR has grown to become a not-for-profit corporation with 18 sponsoring members in 2021. The ICCR has reached an important milestone this year with the publication of datasets for the top 15 solid tumours worldwide, with over 50 datasets published to date. In addition to the datasets posted to the website, the ICCR has published more than 40 academic articles related to the ICCR datasets or work of the ICCR in peer-reviewed journals. The ICCR thanks the global pathology and oncology communities for their tremendous support over the past ten years. An Editorial to mark this achievement titled ‘The International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR): a decade of progress towards global pathology standardisation and data interoperability’ has been published in Histopathology in November 2021.
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