This dataset has been developed for core or wedge biopsy specimens for tumour of the kidney. Excision specimens are not included a  separate dataset is available and should be used for these cases.
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ICCR Renal Biopsy for Tumour Dataset in Excel - 19 KB

Publication History

1st edition -  July 2017
  • To reference this dataset please use the following citation: Delahunt B, Srigley JR, Amin MB, Billis A, Camparo P, Evans AJ,  Fleming S, Griffiths D, Lopez-Beltran A, Martignoni G, Moch H, Nacey JN, Zhou M (2017) Renal Biopsy for Tumour, Histopathology Reporting Guide, 1st edition. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting; Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-925687-01-9

Expert Committee

The dataset for the reporting of Renal Biopsy for Tumour was developed by the following international team:
  • Co-chair - Brett Delahunt, New Zealand
  • Co-chair - John R Srigley, Canada
  • ICCR representative & Series Champion - John R Srigley
Domain experts
  • Mahul Amin, USA
  • Athanase Billis, Brazil
  • Philippe Camparo, France
  • Andrew Evans, Canada
  • Stewart Fleming, UK
  • David Griffiths, UK
  • Antonio Lopez-Beltran, Spain
  • Guido Martignoni, Italy
  • Holger Moch, Switzerland
  • John Nacey, NZ
  • Ming Zhou, USA