The dataset has been developed for the reporting of the pathologic findings of primary cutaneous Merkel cell carcinoma in excision (resection) specimens containing tumour. 
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Publication History

1st edition - December 2019 
  • To reference this dataset please use the following citation: Busam K, Bichakjian C, Coit D, Kutzner H, Requena L, Scolyer R, Stefanato C, Walsh N, Wood B (2019). Merkel Cell Carcinoma, Histopathology Reporting Guide, 1st  edition. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting; Sydney, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-925687-33-0.

Expert Committee

The 1st edition of the dataset for Merkel cell carcinoma was developed by the following international team:
  • Chair - Klaus Busam, USA 
  • ICCR representative - Paul Barrett, UK
Domain Experts:
  • Chris Bichakjian, USA
  • Daniel Coit, USA
  • Heinz Kutzner, Germany
  • Luis Requena, Spain
  • Richard Scolyer, Australia
  • Catherine Stefanato, UK
  • Noreen Walsh, Canada
  • Benjamin Wood, Australia